Difference between the Android TV Box and other streaming boxes

There are many streaming boxes on the market these days and they have proven to be extremely popular over the last few years with most households having at least some sort of streaming device like a firestick or the very popular android TV box. The android box was one of the first of the streaming type devices on the market and it allowed users to stream content directly from the box to your TV. As android is an open source type of software it allows a huge range of content to be accessed including movie and TV apps, weather apps, music apps and you can even access games on the android box. This made it a much more superior product to the other early streaming device that is Apple TV that was released by Apple.

android box

The main difference between these two boxes is that Apple TV runs on Apple’s famous IOS. Not only is this a very famous operating system but it is also famously restrictive and only allows access to what Apple have predetermined they would like to sell you. This makes the android TV box a much more popular product. You can add custom skins and add apps like KD Player which are designed to be customized to suit your needs which is the opposite of what Apple want you to do.

One thing negative about the android box is that the remote control that comes with the box is usually quite basic and not recommended. For this reason many sellers offer a wireless keypad with the box which makes it much easier to use and navigate around the box. There is now a huge range of boxes on the market and the OTT boxes are considered genuine with good AMD processors and DDR RAM.


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